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Canva. Your new best friend.

I dig Canva.com. If you are running a business where resources and budget are tight, you will too.

Here’s why.

Every time someone posts something on LinkedIn which starts with “I’m Hiring” or “We’re Recruiting”, and then a whole heap of banal ad copy follows, a baby Sloth dies*.

Ok, not a fact but I’m going for emotion here right….

Ever heard the saying a picture paints a thousand words? Course you have. Pictures convey emotions, images evoke feelings and compel people to take action i.e. click and look at your ad.

Until Canva came along, creating images was the preserve of marketing teams, graphic designers and branding partners. Many of them are great at it and well worth their salt. But if funds or resources are tight, what are the options?

Enter Canva - largely free, graphic design software. It’s drag and drop interface is so easy to use, and it has beautifully designed templates that even you can do it.

Yes that means you Nigel from Nailsea. And also you, Tonia from Trowbridge.

With a little time and effort, Canva can help you create simple and emotive social media posts which are going to bring life to your LinkedIn** post, improve shareability and give you a better chance of standing out amongst the 130,000 posts shared every week, 57% of them on mobile.

I’m lucky enough to be a Trustee of a charity here in Bath and here’s one we created for a new role.

It took all of 15 minutes, which is probably 10 minutes too long. Sure a graphic designer will do a more professional job, but hey, we don't have one!

We’ll post it, along with some decent ad copy and we’ll get more views on it than we would have had on a text-only post - guaranteed.

With any luck it'll strike a chord with those most likely to have some affinity with what we are trying to achieve.

Over time these posts and images will add up, and help us build our employer brand in albeit a 'lite', but cost efficient way.

So go on Nigel, and also you Tonia.

Have a play - check out Canva.com*** and add a bit of sparkle to your boring old LinkedIn job posts.

* #savethesloth

**Other social media tools are available

***I am not getting paid by Canva. It’s largely free, so that wouldn’t work would it. Unless they wanted to lose money.

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