• Lee

Thoughts on dealing with skills shortages

Imagine if you will that you are in the middle of a skills shortage.

You can try to recruit ‘in demand’ candidates by InMail.

You can fire across an ‘I’m hiring’ tweet to an ‘in demand’ candidate.

You can spend days trawling CV libraries for ‘in demand’ candidates. You can hire a whole team of recruiters to spend their days InMailing, Tweeting and Trawling and so on.

You’ll get sporadic results and have to work hard for them.

Eventually you will have exhausted the pool you have access to.

Then you’ll call an agency.

You can do this. And so will another 100 organisations.

Or you can be different.

Put yourself at the heart of their community. Share knowledge. Support their learning. Become an advocate. Build relationships which don’t start with a hiring conversation. But might lead to one. Eventually.

Most won’t do this because the immediate ROI isn’t there.

Those that do will win, as they will have greater leverage. They’ll own relationships. They won’t need to explain who they are because ‘in demand’ candidates already know them. They will have built trust and earned some respect.

Above all they will have earned the opportunity to have a hiring conversation, when the time is right.

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